WLSCM invites the submission for online publication of works that satisfy the following criteria:

  • The works were composed during the period 1600 to 1700,
  • No editions of those works are commercially available in print,
  • No editions have been posted on line.


Consult the WLSCM Editor-in-Chief regarding ambiguous cases. Editions of any type of music may be submitted, from short lute and keyboard pieces to selections from (or even entire) operas and oratorios. Arrangements, such as modern guitar adaptations of seventeenth-century keyboard music, are not suitable.


The edition should consists of at least two parts, each contained in a separate file: an introduction and the edition proper (the score). The introduction should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file. The score should be submitted as a Finale (2007 or later) or a Sibelius (5 or later) file. For other formats (e.g., scanned manuscript copy), consult the Editor-in-Chief. Submit all materials in electronic form, either as e-mail attachment or through Dropbox; please do not mail hard (paper) copies.

The following applies particularly to editions derived from academic dissertations or theses. Please confine the introductory matters to material directly pertinent to the edition. Discussions of the composer's life should be very brief, especially if a biography can be found in other general reference works, such as the New Grove. While in the case of a relatlively unfamilar composer, a few major works may be mentioned, discussion should generally be limited to the music contained in the edition. Detailed analyses of works are not appropriate, and are better saved for publication eslewhere (e.g., the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music). On the other hand, most users of the edition will welcome guidance to the performance practice applicable to the works.