Volume 1:

Keyboard Arrangements of Music by Jean-Baptiste Lully

Edited by David Chung


The seventeenth-century French harpsichord repertory contains many pieces derived from the stage music of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632–1687). As many as 500 pieces from over 50 sources survive, covering a wide geographical area in Europe and a period of activity of more than 60 years. The numbers alone are telling of the lasting appeal of Lully’s music among keyboard players in both France and Francophile regions. However, most of this repertory soon fell into oblivion, surviving only in various archives.

This edition brings together a collection of some 250 hitherto unpublished keyboard arrangements of Lully’s music from around twenty manuscripts. Pieces chosen include overtures, chaconnes, passacailles, entrées, airs, and various instrumental species that were then new to the French keyboard repertory. There are also numerous menuets, sarabandes and other dances common in both keyboard and orchestral music of the time. Significantly, these arrangements not only contributed new genres to the keyboard repertory, they also rubbed shoulders with original harpsichord music, as demonstrated by the way in which they were sequenced into suite-like groupings in many major sources. Publishing these fine pieces gives modern day performers, like their counterparts from the past, access to a repository of works from which they can obtain ideas for performance and teaching.

Introduction, PDF 18 pages

List of Sources, PDF 17 pages

List of Concordances, PDF 14 pages

NEW for Spring 2015:

All 248 pieces of the entire edition are now available for complete download in 2 PDF volumes.

Volume 1, PDF 515 pages, 4.40MB includes MSCM 1.1–130

Volume 2, PDF 478 pages, 3.16MB includes MSCM 1.131–248



 Jean-Baptiste Lully signature

LWV 73 (1686)
LWV 50 (1674)
LWV 63 (1684)
LWV 71 (1686)
LWV 53 (1676)
LWV 9 (1658)
LWV 41 (1669)
LWV 32 (1666)
LWV 57 (1679)
LWV 49 (1673)
LWV 17 (1662)
LWV 68 (1685)
LWV 54 (1677)
LWV 60 (1682)
LWV 61 (1683)
LWV 58 (1680)
LWV 56 (1678)
LWV 65 (1685)
LWV 51 (1675)