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Lamento della Regina d’Inghilterra
Cantata for Soprano, Bass, Strings (Viols), and Harpsichord
WLSCM No. 11
Composer: Bertali. Antonio
Editor: Andrew H. Weaver
Miserere mei, Deus
for 5 voices (SSATB), strings, and basso continuo
WLSCM No. 15
Composer: Biffi, Antonio
Editor: Don Fader
Jesus seeing the multitudes
Anthem for voices (SSAATB) and Organ
WLSCM No. 16
Composer: Blow, John
Editor: Alan Howard
Zwölff Madrigalische Trost=Gesänge
for 5 or 6 voices and basso continuo
WLSCM No. 29
Composer: Briegel, Wolfgang Carl
Editor: Gregory S. Johnston