Monuments of Seventeenth-Century Music

General Editor: Jeffrey Kurtzman

The Monuments series is dedicated to large collections and anthologies of music, often from a variety of sources. Taking advantage of online publishing, the editions will feature a variety of search and browse functions and will present individual printable scores with their own critical and performance notes. 


Volume 1: Keyboard Arrangements of Music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, edited by David Chung

2014. This volume includes nearly 250 arrangements from dozens of seventeenth-century manuscripts. In addition to detailed critical notes, performance suggestions, and comprehensive works list, the edition is accompanied by several audio recordings of pieces in the collection.


Volume 2: Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Italian Instrumental Music, edited by Niels Martin Jensen 

2015. This anthology reflects the richness and diversity of music for small instrumental ensembles from Italy. Lauching summer 2015 with pieces from the first decades of the century, the project will grow to include over 200 pieces from the entire seventeenth century. Composers represented in the collection will include Giulio Belli, Maurizio Cazzati,  and many others. Each piece is newly edited with detailed critical notes and performance suggestions.