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A voi che l'accendeste

for solo voice and continuo
WLSCM No. 31
Composer: Various
Editor: Rosalind Halton
Date: December 2016

B-Lc Fond Terry ms. 264; D-B Mus.ms.30136; D-B Mus.ms. 30197;  D-Dl Mus. 1-I-2,2; D-MÜs SANT Hs 3914 (no. 5); F-Pn Vm. 7.7; GB-Lbl Add. 31518; GB-Och Ms.993; I-Nc Cantate 261; I-Rama A. Ms. 3971; US-NHub Osborn Music MS.1  

This edition presents seven settings of the solo cantata text "A voi che l'accendeste" by Francesco Maria Paglia. 

General Introduction, PDF, 24 pages

Text and Translation, PDF, 3 pages

Setting by Giovanni Lorenzo Lulier (ca. 1660-1700), PDF, 21 pages

Setting by Giacomo Perti (1661-1756), PDF, 23 pages

Setting by Carlo Francesco Pollaroli (ca. 1655-1723), PDF, 18 pages

Setting by Giovanni Bononcini (1670-1747), PDF, 15 pages

Setting by Antonio Mangiarotti (n.d.), PDF, 20 pages

Setting by Filippo Colinelli (ca. 1661-1725), PDF, 17 pages

Setting by Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), PDF, 26 pages