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Villancicos About Music from Seventeenth-Century Spain and New Spain

for 1-8 Voices and Basso Continuo
WLSCM No. 32
Composer: Various
Editor: Andrew A. Cashner
Date: November, 2017

MEX-Mcen: CSG.256 and CSG.154; MEX-Pc: Leg. 1/3 and Leg. 3/3; E-SE: 28/25; E-SE: 5/32, 18/19; E-CAN: Au/0116; E-Bbc: M/765/25; 


This edition presents seven villancicos for 1-8 voices with continuo. Two of the pieces have been presented in in transposed editions to better facilitate performance. Unlike our other editions, all of the pieces are presented here in a single PDF with the complete introduction, critical notes, and translations.  

Villancicos about Music Introduction, Notes, Translations, and Scores, PDF, 232  pages, 2.6Mb

Included in this edition:

Joan Cererols, "Suspended, cielos, vuestro dulce canto" for 8 voices and continuo

Juan Gutíerrez de Padilla, "Voces, las de la capilla" for 5 voices and continuo

Miguel de Irízar, "Si los sentidos queja forman del Pan Divino" for 8 voices and continuo

Jerónimo de Carrión, "Si los sentidos queja forman del Pan Divino" for solo voice and continuo 

José de Cáseda, "Qué música divina" for 4 voices and continuo

 Juan Gutíerrez de Padilla, "Al establo más dichoso" for 7 voices and continuo

 Antonio de Salazar, "Angélicos coros con gozo cantad" for 7 voices and continuo

 The complete source code for this edition is in a Git repository at http://www.andrewcashner. com/villancicos/. Please use that site to report errors or request alternate versions, such as transposed scores, keyboard reductions, or instrumental performing parts.